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Serendipity Arts Virtual

India Art Fair

Serendipity Arts Festival 

SUNO (सुनो) is a new media experiment, exploring the intersections between the art of storytelling and digital soundscapes. Traversing the physical and virtual worlds, sensorially and symbolically, it recreates an obscure site based in the city of Delhi through aural immersion. In a world where overconsumption of disconcerting visuals has desensitized us, Suno will invite you to engage, empathise and discover a hidden landscape through digital storytelling.

Tune into Suno at Serendipity Arts Festival, Goa 

Dates: 15-23 December 2022

Venue: Old GMC Building, Panjim


Internet as a site

"In conceptualizing SAF Virtual, we considered many approaches to understanding, exploring and subverting the predetermined logics and ways of the digital platforms we’ve been flung into. People have sought intimacy, freedom, connection, solidarity through online platforms before—but rarely has our reliance on these platforms felt so visible, so extreme. We pondered on what it means to treat the internet as “site/s”—as moveable terrains that reveal as much as they conceal; as blocks that feel heavy and new but can be reassembled; as incidents that prompt action, thought, response." 

-Serendipity Arts Virtual 2021-22


Desensitisation in the pandemic world

We live in a time of a highly visual culture where we are constantly bombarded with aesthetically pleasing images and videos on the internet. With increased dependence on the virtual world for both work and pleasure, our senses are overwhelmed as information and

entertainment compete for our attention. 


As a result, we are consciously avoiding immersing ourselves in visuals that make us uncomfortable, creating a bubble. In this context, we wish to bring out one such story about the harsh life of a waste-pickers community living at the periphery of the Bhalswa landfill, Delhi. In times like the current pandemic, we wish to address the human desensitization arising out of fatigue from visual consumption.


Through the project, we aim to explore new media of storytelling as a new approach to evoke mass empathy and nudge action for a better planet. 

Want to experience Suno on your own laptop?

Switch off the lights, plug in your headphones and enter 

Where were you teleported?

Tell us here- we're curious! 

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Exhibitions & Events 

Serendipity Arts Virtual 
India Art Fair, Delhi
WeWork, DLF Forum Gurgaon
Serendipity Arts Festival, Goa

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